Prayer Garden

The FUMC Prayer Garden is located on the east side of the Church's parking lot.  The construction of the garden was an Eagle Scout Project by church member Matthew Hewitt.

Hewitt has been a longtime Boy Scout and member of FUMC Kingsville.  In 2012, he began his journey to become an Eagle Scout.  Part of the requirements to become an Eagle Scout is to plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community.  The location of the prayer garden used to be a patio area of the Hope House that had since fallen into disrepair and been torn down.  With it's location on the church's lot, the abandoned patio was ideal for transformation to give back to the church.

Hewitt organized a couple days of service with his Boy Scout troop, pulling out the original bricks of the patio, clearing old tree stumps and weeds.  He then repair the cinder block walls, painted, and prepared the area to lay down a larger patio.  It took longer than anticipated, but was completed in the spring of 2013 with much help from family and friends.  Hewitt organized a number of native and drought tolerant plants for landscaping, brought in benches, and worked with church member Sandy Fischer to create a stained glass cross.  Community members offered their support by buying engraved bricks for the patio.

Please drop by the prayer garden for a quiet moment or to enjoy the landscaping!

Enjoy the pictures below that show the prayer garden before construction began and the boy scouts and parents that dedicated hours to the project!